This wiki is an open community where every member can become an admin of the wiki. But, there are some guidelines that must be respected in order to keep this wiki a friendly and free place. If you have some other rules in thought add them to the admin discussions page.


  1. EAAW is an open community. But, members and admins don't have all privileges, like to make wiki-wide changes without consulting or deleting pages from other users.
  2. If your English isn't good, we do respect that, so if we find grammar mistakes or other mistakes, we will correct them. It is okay if you correct them, but just let another admin know that.
  3. You can create pages about everything you want. May that be about your favourite artist, singer or any aspect of your life. Possibilities are endless, so you have the freedom to write about anything you want.
  4. Just keep in mind not to write offensive, inappropriate or in any other way pages that are not good. If any member knows about those pages, he has the right to delete them and warn the user.
  5. If a user makes many pages of the type described above, they can get blocked.


  1. EAAW has a chat room which is accessible by clicking Chat at the top of the page.
  2. Don't use the chat to offense, harm other members or write inappropriate things. We want to keep this wikia a friendly place for all people, no matter where they come from or which race they are.
  3. Be friendly on the chat and help other people if they need to!

Communicating with other members

  1. Try to be friendly and tolerant as much as you can.
  2. Don't fight or argue with others, be respective and friendly!
  3. Don't be inappropriate or offensive to other members or you may get blocked.